Engrave a Paver to Memorialize your Loved One

Engrave a Paver to Memorialize your Loved One image

Pavers leave a lasting tribute to someone who meant so much to your life

Remember a loved one or honor a special person by purchasing a paver engraved with the wording of your choice. Each paver will be positioned on the grounds surrounding Central Wyoming Hospice and will act as a lasting tribute.

Your purchase of a paver will assist in the fundraising efforts of the Central Wyoming Hospice and ensure that other families receive support and care at the end-of-life.

Pavers are 4x8 inches with up to 3 lines of inscription for $1000. Your special message can have 13 characters per line (including spaces). Bricks are engraved using all uppercase lettering.

Please understand that general memorial contributions given for your loved one by other donors cannot be used toward the purchase of bricks. Those wishing to donate toward bricks must specify that their gift is to be used for the Walkway at the time the donation is made.

For more information, please call 307-577-4832 or send an email to centralwyominghospice@centralwyominghospice.org.